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Congresswoman Judy Chu
(32nd district), Chito Cajayon,
GreenWEST Alliance meeting
The Economic & Workforce Development (EWD) department strives to support the district's colleges by focusing on the following areas: workforce development, contract education, Career & Technical Education (CTE), working with business and industry, partnership development, and regional economic development strategies. The department works alongside district colleges in the area of grant funds procurement and management. It also strives to represent the district in local, state, and federal policy development activities as they relate to workforce and economic development. The department continually works to broaden and strengthen its partnership base, which includes the region's workforce development system, the higher education system, local community-based organizations, and business & industry throughout the Los Angeles region.

Steve Peacock, Green Globe Int. CEO,
City of LA Councilman Alarcon (7th district),
Chito Cajayon, Green Business
Certification meeting
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